[OSS] Building Drone Go Executables Seem Incomplete and Does Not Work

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to install the Open Source Community Edition of Drone to my Debian box as a Docker container for it does not exist. So, I’m following the instructions at https://github.com/drone/drone/blob/master/BUILDING_OSS. My Debian box has the latest version of Go on it, 1.13.

I cloned the github drone/drone/ repository to my home directory in my Debian box, then navigated inside of it and ran the command in BUILDING_OSS, “go install -tags oss,nolimit github.com/drone/drone/cmd/drone-server”. However, all I get in response is:

root@vmi266947:~/drone# go install -tags oss,nolimit github.com/drone /drone/cmd/drone-server
cmd/drone-server/inject_plugin.go:25:2: found packages validator (combine.go) and converter 
(noop.go) in /root/drone/plugin/validator

I do not see the executable build in my go folder’s bin directory.

What can I do to properly build the Drone OSS edition and have the drone-server executable built through this repository?

Thank you.

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