Organization Secrets not authorized when dot in org name

As soon as an organization has a dot (.) in the name, the API always returns an HTTP Error 401, the content is {"message":"Forbidden"}.

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I notice a similar issue, I’ve got the latest drone version running (2.12.0) with a gitea server (v1.14.0).

I can’t access any organization secrets at all, the name of the organization doesn’t matter. Additionally, the UI seems to have an issue in the errorhandling of the api call, cause it throws a render error and doesn’t display anything at all.

To validate that this issue seems to relate with gitea, I created another identical deployment with github and it works flawless with github.


thb it works perfectly with only letters in the organization name. But yes, the render error is annoying.

Yeah, I only tested names without special characters. I hope this gets fixed soon, cause the organization secret feature as well as the template feature (which doesn’t work with the same error code) would be really useful for me.