Opening repo page shows white screen

I created a new repo, and it shows a white screen after the first build.
I checked the console and there is an Error:

RangeError: Invalid time value
at p (2.6adfdffd.chunk.js:2)
at main.bf6f8118.chunk.js:1
at main.bf6f8118.chunk.js:1
at Object.useMemo (2.6adfdffd.chunk.js:2)
at t.useMemo (2.6adfdffd.chunk.js:2)
at mo (main.bf6f8118.chunk.js:1)
at ia (2.6adfdffd.chunk.js:2)
at Hu (2.6adfdffd.chunk.js:2)
at Es (2.6adfdffd.chunk.js:2)
at Os (2.6adfdffd.chunk.js:2)

The link to my repo: Drone CI

:wave: hey there, thanks for the report. Lets move discussion to Drone 2.0 - Opening some build status pages leads to white screen