Open authorisation, adding an outside collaborator

So we have an organisation (wobe-pte-ltd) on Github with some teams. We have drone configured with open registration for our organisation. We have an outside collaborator to who needs access to drone.

Since attempting to signup would send the outside collaborator into a redirect loop, I created a user for him via the CLI, got him to create a personal token on Github and updated the row in the user table with the token.

Per drone/server/login.go, it appears that with open registration, the user needs to be a member of the team (which he is not) and thus he cannot complete registration. Looking at the logs seems to corroborate this as I can see numerous lines of the form

time="2017-06-14T11:47:06Z" level=error msg="cannot verify team membership for <redacted>.

Is there a way that the outside collaborator can be given access to drone?

The workaround is quite simple. We just added the outside collaborator to a team on Github. I am not sure if I understand the use case for outside collaborators but skimming through the light documentation, there doesn’t seem to be a downside.