ONUG Digital Live - Free DevOps Conference with Industry Experts


Brought to you by THE Enterprise Cloud Community, ONUG Digital Live gives you an unprecedented opportunity to get access to a fully immersive, interactive networking and learning experience with the Industry’s biggest names in Enterprise Cloud Computing.

Join us May 6 - 7 and watch today’s digital revolution unfold before your eyes as the ONUG community presents roundtable discussions, keynotes, proof of concepts and panel sessions on an interactive, state of the art digital platform. Plus leverage the Q & A capability to get answers to some of your most pressing enterprise cloud challenges. ONUG Digital Live is based on Central time zone.

Learn from leading enterprises and the executives who build, run, and secure their enterprise cloud networks. Companies like Freddie Mac, FedEx, Cigna, and United Technologies. PLUS leading cloud ecosystem providers such as Gluware, Riverbed, Microsoft, Verizon, and more.

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Event and Panel Sessions where you can catch Harness:

Wed May 06, 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM CDT
Cloud Native DevOps: Tools, Processes, and Automation: The Reality Today
DevOps promises to streamline the process of delivering software from development to production. But to survey today’s landscape of DevOps-enabling tools is to confront a bewildering array of companies, products, and product categories. What is an erstwhile DevOps practitioner to do? How do the best DevOps teams approach the question of what constitutes the right tools and how do distributed teams master their effective use?

Thu May 07, 2:05 PM - 2:35 PM CDT
Cloud Native DevOps: The Observability Grail: The Promise vs. Enterprise Realities
“Observability” is the DevOps buzzword of 2020 and, no doubt, beyond. But is it more than that? As we all know, systems monitoring and alerting have been around since the beginning of the mainframe. “Observability” promises, however, to move well beyond these legacy concerns, with “Open Telemetry” now having risen to the level of a Cloud Native Cloud Foundation (CNCF) project. What is it about the “New Observability” that is new or different? This session will explore this potent new practice area and clarify its value.