Old bitbucket version installation option

Our company used Bitbucket server old version 5.0 currently,it can be an risky work to upgrade it to newer version since a lot of projects hosted on it.
I had checked the docs carefully,many options can not be found in current version of my personal account.

My account and repository option:

Our company use Jenkins to run ci jobs and auth with username and password,we try to migrate to drone.
My question:
Can we able to setup drone correctly?

We tested Drone with 5.11 so it is possible Drone could work with earlier versions of 5.x, however, we cannot make any formal support guarantees for versions earlier than 5.11.

Could you share your configuration of bitbucket 5.11 configuration related drone?

our configuration pretty much mirrors the documentation:

docker run \
  --volume=/var/lib/drone:/data \
  --volume=/etc/bitbucket/key.pem:/etc/bitbucket/key.pem \
  --env=DRONE_GIT_PASSWORD=<redacted> \
  --env=DRONE_GIT_USERNAME=drone \
  --env=DRONE_GIT_ALWAYS_AUTH=false \
  --env=DRONE_STASH_SERVER=http://bitbucket.company.com \
  --env=DRONE_STASH_PRIVATE_KEY=/etc/bitbucket/key.pem \
  --env=DRONE_SERVER_HOST=drone.company.com \
  --env=DRONE_SERVER_PROTO=http \
  --env=DRONE_RPC_SECRET=<redacted> \
  --publish=80:80 \
  --publish=443:443 \
  --restart=always \
  --detach=true \
  --name=drone \

Thank you. I will have a try.