Obtaining SonarQube API Token

This guide describes the steps for obtaining your SonarQube API Token , needed for activating the SonarQube Agent Scenario in order to make SonarQube agent scanner available to your environment.


  • You have an installation of, or have access to a SonarQube server.
  • You have license and valid credentials for the SonarQube server.

ZeroNorth hosts a SonarQube server that may be used. Contact your ZeroNorth contact person or support@zeronorth.io if you wish to use ZeroNorth’s SonarQube server.

1) Sign in to your SonarQube server

Select My Account option from your account menu near the top, right of the screen:

2) Use the Security tab to generate a new API Token

In the subsequent screen, select the Security tab:

Enter a label in the input field, and then click Generate to generate a new API Token.

Copy and save that token for safe keeping. The API Token an now be used to activate the sonarqube-agent Scenario in your environment.