Obtain your ZeroNorth™ API Token

This guide describes the steps for obtaining your ZeroNorth API Token , used in accessing ZeroNorth’s web service API. The token can also be used when working with ZeroNorth via the Docker Integration image or the CLI interface.


You have a valid license and credentials for using ZeroNorth.


Navigate to ZeroNorth’s Web UI at https://fabric.zeronorth.io/ (or using the appropriate SSO URL specific to your organization’s access to ZeroNorth) and then sign in as you normally would. After signing in, click on your avatar on the upper right corner of the screen:


Select the Profile option in the drop-down menu. In the subsequent screen, click on Create User Token :

The system presents the following screen:

Use the copy icon to copy the API token into your clipboard.

NOTE : You get one chance to copy the API token. If you navigate away from this screen and come back, you will have to generate a new token.