Notification Plugin

Hi all, I am currently playing around with Drone and would like some clarity in regards to notifications.
To be precise, I am interested in Email notifications. This is a two-parter.

a) Syntax
I could not get the recommended drone-email plugin to work, nor could I get anything done with its associated pipeline.notify syntax.
When running anything with it, the image runs beforehand and never exits.
Other notification plugins do not seem to be ran that way. Is this syntax still relevant even?

b) Plugin Env
Other notification plugins seem to be included as a step like any other, so I quickly shellscripted my own, with the understanding that required information would be contained in the env vars passed to it. Ran as a step, it works fine in itself, but looking at an env dump, I am missing all of the information that make notifications useful. No console output, no information about other steps, nada.
Finally, when ran as a step, it either doesn’t run bc a previous step failed, or it always shows success (when ran with when.status).

Looking at other notification plugins, they don’t seem to support including the build’s console output either, so maybe drone notifs are intended to be short and users meant to click a link going to the build, and I can get behind that. However, as it currently stands, my only notification option is boolean: notif on success, no notif on failure.
Surely I can’t be the only one with this need. What am I missing? Does the plugin need to run in parallel and track variable updates? Do I need to encapsulate my build process in a custom script that writes stuff into a file in addition to stdout, for the mail plugin then to read from?
Thank you very much.