Not able to copy jar from drone cloud to dev server(another server)

Hi I am able create the maven build on drone cloud but not able to copy into my dev server. Please let me know if any thing more specific required for same. Please also share command to copy from drone to another server.

Drone pipelines are essentially just shell commands, so you would need to add a step to your pipeline that includes shell commands to copy the jar file to your server (ssh, scp, sftp, etc). What shell commands would you use locally (from your laptop terminal) to copy the file to your server? Use those same commands in your Drone pipeline.

@ashwilliams1 Thanks for quick help. I am able to execute the the code same like unix command. I am also getting an issue while running ( image: appleboy/drone-scp). I have set the target to copy my jar into my server with some specific path. The source path is setting as : source: /myfolder/abc.jar. After running the job it is copying the jar inside the myfolder on my target location. Could you please assist me how to mention source location path.

unfortunately I cannot provide support for this third party plugin since I did not create it, nor do I use it personally. However, you might consider reaching out to the plugin author, appleboy, and contacting them through his GitHub repository.