Non-root container access issue to /drone/src/terraform.tfvars file

Can I please get assistance with getting a pipeline up and running on please?
The Docker container runs under a non-root user with UID 1000 and the pipeline fails with the following error:

	+ terragrunt init
2	[terragrunt] [/drone/src] 2021/05/20 15:35:37 Running command: terraform --version
3	[terragrunt] 2021/05/20 15:35:37 Reading Terragrunt config file at /drone/src/terraform.tfvars
4	[terragrunt] 2021/05/20 15:35:37 Error reading file at path /drone/src/terraform.tfvars: open /drone/src/terraform.tfvars: no such file or directory
5	[terragrunt] 2021/05/20 15:35:37 Unable to determine underlying exit code, so Terragrunt will exit with error code 1
6	/bin/sh: /usr/drone/bin/tmate: not found

Docker container: docker-terragrunt/Dockerfile at master · david-wirelab/docker-terragrunt · GitHub
Repo with pipeline: terraform-version-upgrade/.drone.yml at v11-start · david-wirelab/terraform-version-upgrade · GitHub

Have tried adding the following to no avail:

  • user: root
  • user: 0

Fixed. I was testing Terraform v0.11.14 and forgot it needed the legacy terraform.tfvars file.
Adding this file in sorted the issue.