No space left on device

After running test scenarios for a while it got “PHP Notice: fwrite(): write of 70 bytes failed with errno=28 No space left on device in /var/www/owncloud/lib/private/Log/Owncloud.php on line 129”

The test scenarios delete users and files after each scenario and recreate them. So it should not be piling up test files. Similar problems happened in other repos about a week ago.

CI for this owncloud-docker/server repo has not been run for more than a week. So maybe whatever is the new configuration of agents does not have quite enough available space to reliably run these tests.

Is there any known problem or change in the disk space available on agents?

When I try to post a link to the failing drone run, it tells me: “Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.”
How am I supposed to point to the failing drone pipeline?

I checked the latest build and I did not see a No space left on device error in any of the logs for the stages that failed …