No jobs are being started

It happens on my drone from time to time, that there are pending jobs, and none of them get started by drone. Previously I could fix this by canceling the jobs and restarting them.

I thought maybe updating the image of drone/drone:1 could help (I previously had one from 7 months ago, now I have one from 5 days ago). But now it seems I cannot get jobs running again at all. All jobs stay in the “pending” state.

Does anybody know this problem? Any idea how to solve it/get the jobs started?

Please see Builds are Stuck in Pending Status. Also note the Still Having Issues? section which provides a mandatory checklist of information that needs to be provided to streamline support.

Thanks that helped.

Previously I ran drone without installing an explicit runner. It seems this isn’t supported anymore. After changing the setup and installing the runner individually it works again.