Multiple tags from .tag file

Hello everyone,

My pipeline is as follows:

image: ubuntu
- echo “5.2.6” > .tags
- echo “5.2.4” > .tags

image: plugins/docker
context: Docker
dockerfile: Docker/Dockerfile
default_tags: true
default_suffix: commit

How is possible to tag image from .tags file with multiple tags?
In this situation, first one will be overwriten, and i tried with:

  - echo "5.2.6" > .tags
  - echo "5.2.4" >> .tags


  - echo "5.2.6;" > .tags
  - echo "5.2.4" > .tags

In those situations, pipeline fails.

I believe they need to be comma separated, with no spacing

echo -n "5.2.6,5.2.4" > .tags

Thank you very much for answering.

That is what we wanted.