Multiple Git tags on a single commit fails to trigger builds

I had two tags on the same commit and pushed them with git push --tags. One commit was called prod-50, the other was called staging-deployment-53. I had a set of pipeline steps configured to deploy when branch: staging-deployment-*, but none to match the other tag.

I expected it to run the steps for the staging-deployment-53 tag, but it did not. It just detected the prod-50 tag, for which no steps matched the conditions, so it did nothing.

Shall I raise an issue on GitHub for this?

I am using Drone 0.8.6 and not in a position to upgrade at the moment.

I tested with 1.2.x and I was able to push multiple tags which in turn executed multiple builds as expected. You can see the results at The recommended course of action is to upgrade to 1.2.x (or higher) since 0.8.x is no longer being developed.