Mount Docker named volumes?

Is there a way to mount existing Docker named volumes? The docs at only show host paths and temporary volumes.

Looking at the source , it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to specify a named volume. I ended up using the /var/lib/docker/volumes/volume-name/_data host path, but that’s obviously a hack.

@bradrydzewski Would you be interested in a PR adding named volumes support?

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Also, you might want to update the docs here , stating:

Mount host paths or named volumes. […] Note that named volumes are supported. If you would like to configure a named volume please consult our detailed volume documentation.

named volumes are supported. We call them Temporary Mounts and they can be used to ephemeral docker volumes to share data between pipeline steps. See

That’s kind of ambiguous, IMO, as by “named volumes” I understand “existing named volumes”, which is actually what I need.