Missing repository after delete and re-fork

https://cloud.drone.io/voltagex/wget-lua is broken. This should correspond to voltagex/wget-lua on GitHub but I deleted the repo and re-forked from a different parent.

It seems like it’s now not shown in my dashboard, even if I sync.

There probably should be a way to completely remove and re-add a repo to cloud.drone.io.

https://github.com/voltagex/wget-lua is there, but

$ ~/bin/drone repo repair voltagex/wget-lua
client error 404: {"message":"Not Found"}

I guess this requires a fix from @bradrydzewski

Yes, I explain a bit more in this thread here: Cloud.drone.io cant sync github repos

Thanks for that - without renaming my repo, how can this be fixed?

sorry, I don’t have a fix for it at the moment. It was an edge case that I never considered, and I will have to address in a subsequent release.

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I believe I’m facing a same issue, but in a different way.

I deleted and recreated a repo in Gogs. Without hacking the sqlite database directly (in fact I deleted the /var/lib/drone/database.sqlite file), I can’t sync to have the new repo appear in the drone repo list. The sync process is proceeded but the same-name repo does not appear.

Do we need any operations for the database used in CLI commands, or can UI logic fully cover all these cases?