Migrating Drone 1.x to 2.x

Drone v2 is out for a while now however I am unable to find a blog post and/or migration guide.
Are there any steps one has to do or is it sufficient to pull the new docker image and restart it?

@septatrix You simply can restart it with 2.x image. Should be no problem.

How about the database, if there is any changes on structure?

@shgn.ir No, AFAIK database structure is the same.

This might help clarify -

Drone server upgrades are meant to be simple and safe. Replace the old Docker image with the new Docker image and Drone will handle everything else (automatic database migrations, etc).

If a release includes breaking changes or requires manual upgrade it will be specified in the release notes. As a general rule we try to maintain strict backward compatibility and avoid breaking changes, even in major releases.

[1] https://docs.drone.io/server/overview/#server-upgrades

I can confirm that the 2.0 release does not introduce any breaking changes and does not require any manual upgrade tasks.

@bradrydzewski Brad, that is not full truth. I’ve met some issues in upgrading Drone from 0.8 to 1.x and then to 2.x. I’ve had to renumber all my builds in DB to new scheme manually (using simple script).

0.8 was not a stable release and did not come with any compatibility guarantees. 1.0.0 was our first stable release and therefore our first release to have a compatibility guarantee. We have not made any breaking / incompatible changes since 1.0.0 was released over two years ago, and we will continue to prioritize platform stability and reliability in future releases.

Brad, I mean the situation. Someone like me installed Drone version 0.8 and then expectedly upgraded it to 1.x using provided upgrade system. Then for a long time version 1.x was used without any problem. And then after upgrading to 2.x he suddenly gets a problem with builds made in 0.8 as they are not visible anymore. So, the upgrade was made from officially supported and correctly working version 1.x. Something suddenly went wrong without any official notice.

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