Migrate 1.X to 2.0.1 Blank page

I have drone connected to gitea 1.14.2. Everything works fine with the latest 1 tag of drone. I tried running the 2.0.1 tag and the main drone page loads but when I click on a project the page loads for a split second then goes blank. Any ideas?

Edit: It seems like it’s only the build sumary page. If I go to settings it works fine.
http://drone_server.com/Org/MyRepo - > Does not load
http://drone_server.com/Org/MyRepo/100- > Loads 100ths build
http://drone_server.com/Org/MyRepo/settings - > Loads
http://drone_server.com/Org/MyRepo/deployments- > Loads
http://drone_server.com/Org/MyRepo/branches- > Loads

What browser (name, version) do you use?

Firefox 60.8 on CentOS 7

Edit: Works on a different box with Firefox 78.9 on RHEL 8

Firefox 60.x is too old, needs upgrade.

According to google it’s only 3 years old. Thought it might be more. I see 78.11 is available through yum. I imagine that will work. Thanks!