Maximum secret length when testing locally

Is there some char limit when using secrets locally?
I do this:

export CHEF_KEY=`cat ~/Documents/jenkins.pem`

So then I run drone exec and I have

      - echo "$CHEF_KEY"

And the var is truncated. Last line of it is missing. Strange thing is, the SAME secret on the drone server is coming through fine. So I’m wondering if it’s getting truncated someplace

It’s variables with equal signs in them which are lost in drone exec

export FIZ='FOO=BAR'


    image: ubuntu:default
    secrets: [ FIZ ]
      - echo "$FIZ"

expected: FOO=BAR
actual: FOO

This was fixed, however, you will need to build from source (or wait until we tag another release).

Thanks Brad … some ETA for a new tagged release?