Matrix stage build

Trying drone with a matrixe stage build.

I’ll try to build it into a test docker and see if this works.

Any comments welcome.
I hope to get it to work and that it is of intrest :slight_smile:

Ok! i got it working!!!

Parsing and manipulating the config file was too complex with variable expension.
I played with the thing a bit and some limitation arise because there can be different layers of variable expension.
I am still not conviced that having complex yaml notation for this is intuitive.

So what i did:
I added a envmatrix property to “container”. this propery is of the same type as the “matrix” defined in pipeline.
With this i can leverage matrix to calculate Axes and add the resulting information to the environment varialbles.
These can then be used in commands.
I would like to propose a pull request.