Manual build trigger through API with parameters

I’m looking for a way to fire a build with a web request, possibly providing parameters for the build itself.
While I was able to find API reference for 0.8.0 here, I was unable to find a similar page in the new documentation.
I’ve seen the automatically generated URL on Gitea is in the form of:


However it seems, based on the old docs and some trial-and-error on the command line:


the something bit is particularly vague for me.
I would also like to pass some build arguments to then be included in as --build-args of a docker build command.
I tried looking at drone-downstream but wasn’t really able to understand how it sends the request or which form it is in.
Could you please advise?

I would also suggest filling in the docs on the API side, with examples if at all possible, I believe it could be useful for custom integrations.
Thank you.

Hello devster,

Did you manage to get around this issue - I am also wondering how it can be done.

I am doing:
curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxx"

In the reply I get:

I tried to put ${job_template_name} in my .drone.yml file but nothing get passed.

Thank you -

Sorry was doing something wrong it actually works -

hey merou, im looking for the same solution, what was you doing wrong?