Managing git sync errors in a large organization

I am the administrator of Harness for our organization (large, 1000+ Harness users). At the top right of the main Setup page in Harness, the Configuration as Code link shows 91 errors. When I go and look at these errors, they are almost all problems that other teams have to fix (I can’t fix them). Yet, we have had past experience where these git problems can have a negative impact on our applications, so I can’t ignore them either.

I am looking for recommendations on how I (as the maintainer of Harness for my organization) can best keep track of these errors.

Right now, the only thing I can really do when I see a git error is lookup who owns the application (by going to the User Groups page), and then send the team an email informing them of the problem and telling them they need to fix it (which they may or may not actually do).

Looking for some ideas on how to best manage these git errors.