Looking for a Freelancer to get our DroneCI running again

Good day everyone,

I hope this kind of post is even allowed here, if not I apologize and know this will be deleted.

Anyway. We’re operating a DroneCI Server on a VM via docker-compose (plus a docker-runner and a executer for C# on separate VMs) which builds repos from our Gitea instance.
Unfortunately it hasn’t been working properly for a few weeks now and we don’t have the know-how or time to properly fix it.
So if anyone here is an expert on DroneCI and has time to work for a couple of days to help us fix our CI please DM me for details.

Best regards and hope everyone has a great time!

@RiccardoJennerE2M - Just a heads up. You may want to provide another method of contacting you. so far as I know, there’s no DM functionality here.