Logo asymmetric


Ever since I noticed the Drone logo isn’t quite left-right symmetric it’s been driving me crazy. It’s slightly thinner on the lower-left than the lower-right. Is that something you’ve got any interest in updating? Or is it more of a case of not worth the effort?




If you could send an updated svg file, that would be awesome!

I made two variants, see which you prefer:

This one uses pure circular arcs. It results in the bottom section looking slightly narrower than the current logo. (It’s basically sticking to the pink lines in the diagram above.)

This one widens the bottom section to be slightly elliptical and try to match the extent of the current logo. It looks very slightly more flat-bottomed.

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Thank you so much for this! I will plan on incorporating these changes into the next version (0.9) of Drone :slight_smile:

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