Login Failed. User limit reached

Hi! I have been using drone for a couple of years now and it’s been really nice so far :slight_smile: Recently, some colleagues have started working in my team, so I showed them the basics of drone, but when they wanted to access our drone server they get that message: “Login Failed. User limit reached”. We login via github and they have access to the repositories. In fact, one of them did commit something which run the job without any problems, he just could not see it as he could not login. Any ideas on why does he get that message? I have checked our configuration and it doesn’t seem to have any limit to the number of users on drone.

You have reached the limits of your trial license. I am assuming you are on the trial license, you have several options, 1. get enterprise license 2. build OSS version of Drone yourself.

You can see the specific limits of your license at the /varz URL (ex. https://cloud.drone.io/varz)

Note: This isn’t official guidance, and I am just a member of the community so please take my guidance with a grain of salt

You’re right, I have checked the /vars URL and we reached the limit. Do you know if there is any way to free some seats? Some of the users that accessed our drone will not be accessing anymore.


@kikeh see https://docs.drone.io/enterprise/usage/

Great, thank you both :slight_smile: I’ll check these links, but the original question is solved!