Log output in the web UI can only contain at most 10000 characters

The number ‘10000’ is just my speculation by counting the shown characters by myself. The remaining logs are replaced with ‘…’ but the log of the build instance I am working on is very long. Do I miss something like a configuration for setting the log limits?

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If you’re using Drone 0.5, you can control the Drone agent max log size through DRONE_MAX_LOGS={some-number}, as documented here: http://readme.drone.io/0.5/install/agent-configuration/.

{some-number} is the maximum log size in MB. It is, by default, configured to be 5, so the log size limit is 5MB.

If you’re using Drone 0.4 you’re out of luck. It has no option to control the log size limit. The only thing you can do is filter the log output using some smart grep or something.


That’s exactly what I want to know. Thanks for your help!