Limiting Disk Space Allocation for OverOps Agent

Users looking to limit the size of disk space that the OverOps agent can utilize can be restricted by limiting a specific folder within the /takipi directory.

The resource folder within the OverOps agent holds information in the form of cache on the local drive that can be easily accessed. If the agent captures data from an exception, it may already have this data stored within the resources folder, making it easier and faster to send this to the collector.

An issue can occur where there is a limit to how much data can be stored if there are size restrictions on the disk space. An example would be if a user is deploying a Docker container and have strict configurations for the container to have specific resources available.

We can utilize the following parameter within the OverOps agent to provide a way to limit the resource directory.

-Dtakipi.resources.size.limit (-DresourceFolderLimit)

The size limit (in bytes) for the temporary resources folder used by the Micro-Agent.

JVM option Environment Variable Properties file
New -Dtakipi.resources.size.limit TAKIPI_RESOURCES_SIZE_LIMIT takipi.resources.size.limit
Old -DresourceFolderLimit - resourceFolderLimit
Example -Dtakipi.resources.size.limit=52428800
Default unlimited

java -agentpath:/opt/takipi/lib/ -Dtakipi.resources.size.limit=50000000 -jar javajam.jar

This will restrict the space within the /resource directory to 50 MB.