Leveraging Event Rules to extract deployment details

Hello Everybody.


In this article we will discuss about how we can leverage Event Rules to extract deployment details may it be Pipeline or Workflow details.

Harness can send key deployment events to a URL endpoint as a JSON payload. You can configure it through the application following the steps.

Here in the example setup we are making use of https://webhook.site for creating webhook ( HTTP Endpoint) and passing a dummy header known as myHeader which references workflow variable var1 which I pass during the runtime. Also, I am selecting Send me everything radio button which will give me all the details around execution.

Make sure you pass the right unique webhook for URL field.

Once this configuration step is completed, make sure you toggle the event β€œON” and test the Event rule.

if all steps are configured and when you trigger the pipeline/workflow you can see all the details captured on webhook.site something like this.

Also, This was an brief walkthrough on setting Event rules I am further attaching the documents around more details surround this which can help you leverage this: