Launch build manually as jenkins

Is there a way to launch a build without making a commit, sometimes build fails because connectivity or timouts, and to rerun a build I have to make a dummy commit which ruins my commit history with garbage commits. On jenkins you have a button to launch build, is there something similar on drone?

sometimes build fails because connectivity or timeouts

yes, you can login to the UI and click the restart button. you can also restart from the command line using the drone start <repo> <build> command.

you can also re-send webhooks from the GitHub user interface, which will send the commit hook to drone and re-trigger the build. usually this is not necessary though, and you can just use the restart functionality mentioned above.

where is the restart Button? can’t seem to find it. using the lastest drone/drone image

if you go and check the details of a specific already run build you want to restart and click on the icon top left you’ll see it. It’s not in the general repo build list view


restart button is in the hamburger menu (see screenshot below)


Oh I see! Thanks, i feel blind now :rofl: