Latest drone 0.7 docker image is broken

Upon executing a ‘docker pull’ and configuring a docker-compose file, then running a ‘docker-compose up’, I get the following:

drone-server_1 | time=“2017-06-01T13:30:59Z” level=error msg=“cannot insert rbastic. meddler.Insert: DB error in Exec: table users has no column named user_expiry”


That looks like an error with the DB. You might need to repair, or if you can start with a clean slate DB.

How can I do so? I don’t see any instructions on that.

What is your db version? MySQL?

The same happens to me.

I’m starting from scratch, no containers at all, configured docker-compose.yml according to the documentation, then configured github and after logging in I get that same error.

Tried removing all containers and starting again but the same result.

I’ve not configured any database, so it’s using its internal sqlite DB.

I just downloaded the drone/drone:0.7 image and used the below docker-compose file. I was able to start drone and login without issue.

version: '2'

    image: drone/drone:0.7
      - 8080:8000
      - ./:/var/lib/drone/
    restart: always
      - DRONE_OPEN=true
      - DRONE_GITHUB=true
      - DRONE_SECRET=....

Furthermore uses the drone:0.7 image and I help people install drone every day in our gitter room. At this time I am not aware of any issues that would lead me to conclude the image is broken.

I am not in a position to fix an issue that I cannot repeat. Therefore in the spirit of open source I would encourage sending a patch if you continue to experience issues.

OK, I’ve fixed it, reading your docker-compose file.

I’m using the one that’s published here: that uses /var/lib/drone
on the host.

Seems like my first run failed (my fault) and the DB got in a unstable state. Of course, as it was external to the containers, even removing them didn’t fix the issue.

Now I’ve removed /var/lib/drone and started again and it works!


The compose file published at is accurate and was the one I used with my testing as well. I adjusted the host volume path because I was testing on OSX. But on Linux I use /var/lib/drone:/var/lib/drone as documented.

I know, I didn’t change my compose file, but checking the differences made me wonder about that volume, and what was different between both cases…

Because I tried it on 2 different linux computers and got the same result, that’s why I came here and found this issue.

If I have some time after doing my work I can check to see why the DB was incorrect and/or create a PR for it. I didn’t have any previous DB as I’ve reinstalled this machine 2 days ago.

Thanks for your time!