Kubernetes runner builds are left behind

We’re struggling with stuck build pods almost every day in our drone installation. We’re running the “latest” version of the docker image because of DRONE_POLICY_FILE annotations don't seem to work, but it seems to be that in this version there are some cleanup tasks that arent working or something. Is there a timeframe for implementing the fix to the DRONE_POLICY_FILE into a tagged version so that we can swtich back to a versioned build?

the kubernetes runner has a big warning in the docs stating it may not be ready for production use and is a community effort. Have you considered contributing to the runner to help move the implementation from beta to stable?

The Kubernetes runner is in Beta and may not be suitable for production workloads. Furthermore this runner is a community effort and is not subject to support services or service level agreements at this time.

yup, it’s a completely fair point. At some point hopefully I’m fluent enough in Golang to be able to contribute.