kubernetes+Drone+gitea+nginx-ingress oauth issues

I have gitea and drone deployed in a kubernetes cluster. both are externally accessible at drone and git.DOMAIN respectfully. When I attempt to access drone it sends me to gitea to get oauth token and stop there. in the drone pod I have '{“level”:“error”,“msg”:“oauth: cannot exchange code: TOKEN=: Post “https://git.DOMAIN/login/oauth/access_token”: dial tcp LOADBALANCER:443: connect: connection timed out”,“time”:“2021-02-11T20:49:18Z”}
From drone I can ping git.DOMAIN and from gitea I can curl both git and drone. Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.

using drone/drone:1.9.0 gitea/gitea:1.13.1

Off course As I was writing this had the genus idea to pull 1.10.1. and issues is resolved. yikes

Ok so I understand that this is a setup problem not with drone but I ran into a similar issue where the webhook in gitea shows a io timeout but if i curl from the drone pod it shows the drone html


I can see you have mentioned you were able to resolve this issue by pulling 1.10.1, Let me know if still you have any questions or concerns and need any help.

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