[Kubernetes] DNS issues when running pipeline

Me again. From the server and agent containers DNS resolution works as expected, however when the pipeline runs there seems to be a DNS issue from inside those containers. E.g. registry-1.docker.io cannot be resolved and the docker build fails with lookup registry-1.docker.io on no such host. Any idea of how to fix? Thanks

Please provide your yaml configuration file and the type of runner you are using so we can advise accordingly.

Hi @bradrydzewski,

The runner is of type kubernetes.

it seems that the problem is somehow caused by some caching stuff that I found somewhere here a couple of months ago when I was using Drone on another cluster. I’ve commented out that stuff and the build is working now. But how to do caching of the layers between builds?

This is what I had

The build now got stuck while trying to download something from geolite.maxmind.com. That address seems to work fine though