K8s jobs created by Drone should include labels

I’m currently testing the release candidates of Drone on K8s and would like to suggest some changes around labels and perhaps annotations.

  1. Use the label k8s-app=drone for jobs. This is standard for almost every resource on k8s and is currently missing from pipeline jobs created by Drone. This would allow a user to run kubectl delete job -l k8s-app=drone for example.

  2. Add more labels. Labels for build ID, repo, etc. I see we have annotations for these but not labels. Are the annotations used/read by either Drone itself or drone/controller? If not, then I would move all the annotations to the labels. If they are used, then duplicate some of this data to the labels so they can be used with kubectl <verb> -l xxx=yyy

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thanks for the feedback, there is an open issue you can subscribe to for updates: https://github.com/drone/drone-runtime/issues/38

Thanks for the reply @bradrydzewski!

That issue is unrelated. It’s about adding annotations that would be used by Kube2IAM. Not really related to my feature request about fixing labelling.

Should I create an issue on Github? Is that the proper way for Drone feature requests?

If you have a separate feature request related to kubernetes, please create an issue at https://github.com/drone/drone-runtime. Also please note that feature requests typically require a volunteer to implement.

OK done