Just curious about the usage of drone in self hosted environemnt

I would like to know
1) How many repos do you run on drone pipeline? I am interested in people using it for > 100 repos
2) How many pipelines do you run parallel ? just approximation
3) What do you see as cons in using it and maintaining it?

@bradrydzewski we are planning to use it for our company. Is there any blog where people have used it for large number of repos and had success with it ?

We maintain a large Drone installation with thousands of users and thousands of repositories and enough capacity to run ~80 concurrent pipelines (at cloud.drone.io). It requires very little maintenance. The drone-gc utility is especially helpful in reducing server maintenance.

I am not aware of too many blog posts that discuss size of installation, although ebay did discuss team size, number of services and volume in this post:

Thanks @bradrydzewski . In the blog eBay guy says that global org level secrets were not available in the opensource edition. is it so? I saw in the documentation that we could add org level secrets through the drone CLI