Issue to install Drone server for Bitbucket Server 7.21

Hi all,

I’m following the documentation to install the Drone server for Bitbucket Server: Bitbucket Server | Drone

The issue I’m facing is that the documentation works fine for Bitbucket until version 7.19, but they’ve changed the “Application Link” interface for version 1.21, which is the one that I need to configure.

Please, has someone else faced the same issue?

I’ve tried to study the Drone source code and check how I can configure the “Application Link” in the Bitbucket 7.21, but I had no success.

It seems to me that now the “Application Link” in the Bitbucket Server is equal to the Bitbucket Cloud.

I’ll appreciate any help.

Hey @gleise.teixeira let me see what I can find out for you.

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