Issue pushing manifest to dockerhub

Since yesterday I’m experiencing problems pushing manifests to dockerhub using the manifest plugin.

Anyone else seen this? Are there network issues?

2020/01/10 11:36:30 pushing ******/******:stable-8fbae2f-273-OS-ARCH to ******/******:latest for linux/amd64, linux/arm, linux/arm64
time="2020-01-10T11:36:39Z" level=error msg="Error trying v2 registry: http: unexpected EOF reading trailer"
time="2020-01-10T11:36:39Z" level=fatal msg="Inspect of image \"******/******:stable-8fbae2f-273-linux-amd64\" failed with error: http: unexpected EOF reading trailer"

Found the problem! Too many images on docker hub, had to clear out a bunch of older ones.