Is there any why to trigger pipeline on every commit?

I am new to drone and am applying some tests for which i need multiple pipelines…can trigger pipeline on every commit like we can do in gitlab?

yes, when you activate a repository in Drone, it adds a webhook to your source control management system (ie github, gitlab, bitbucket). every time you push code, it will trigger a push webhook to Drone, which in turn will execute the pipeline(s) defined in the .drone.yml

thank you for reply, what i want is like is something like following:


  • master
  • commit

i know there is push and pull_request event supported but what i want is for every commit, before even pushing,
is this possible?

I’m not sure I understand. The trigger section is optional. If you do not define a trigger section the pipeline will run for every push.

yeah i get it but i dont want to run it for every push instead for every commit in github for example if a branch has 5 commits and then i push it in the master i want to execute the pipeline 5 times for each commit and then execute it for push

This is not supported. When you push 5 commits to master in a single git push, it results in a single push webhook being sent from GitHub to Drone which will result in a single pipeline being executed. There is a one-to-one relationship between webhooks and pipelines executed.