Is there any plan to support

Hi there,

First of all, I’d like to let you guys know how much I love Drone. It’s so simple, lightweight and super flexible, that I have recommended it to everyone around.

However, I found it seems rather static on git SCM provider integration. There are plenty of built-in options for sure, including GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Gogs, etc. These are for the international market and most of them are not suitable for Chinese individual developers (like me) or those who are in startup companies, in terms of Internet connectivity and budgets on self-hosted servers. I do want to put all my works on GitHub but sometime it just won’t work for all kinds of non-functional needs.

For now, I have to bear with the poor performance and tons of configurations in Jenkins. There is a git provider named Gitee ( that dominates the China market. I’m not advertising here, but rather to wish that I can do CI/CD with Drone on a Gitee repo.

Is it possible for Drone to provide a more general method to connect a git repo? Or do I have to fork the ‘go-scm’ repo and make a customized plugin? If it has to be a dedicated plugin, any suggestion where to start?

Thank you for reading and hopefully, I’ll see this problem being solved.

to add support for a new source code managemnet provider you need to fork drone/go-scm and add a gitee provider, with unit tests, and send a pull request back to the project.

Thank you Brad. I’ll see what I can do.