Is there a way to make Drone Autoscaler ignore certain runners?

I’ve set up Drone Autoscaler, but there appears to be some issues with my setup that’s causing some issues.

I have some runners that are used for specific tasks. I have a Docker runner that processes personal builds on my homelab, as well as two exec runners that are used for deploying some other bare-metal services.

I’m trying to use the Autoscaler to process builds for a package repository where a build runs every time a user pushes a package. I’d like all of these builds to run on separate servers (via the use of labels), which is where I’d like Autoscaler to take a place.

My problem is that Drone Autoscaler is seeing my existing three runners (the Docker and two exec ones) and isn’t creating new runners to process the new builds. My Docker runner always has some build spots open, but due to my use of labels Drone Autoscaler doesn’t make any runners, but there’s also no runners for the package repository pipelines to route to.

Is there any way I can get this all working with my current desired setup?

I feel like if there was a way for a runner to opt out of being an Autoscale runner it would solve this issue, though I have no clue if Drone supports that.