Is there a way for Drone to prompt for input after pipeline runs?

Is there a way to make Drone prompt for an input after pipeline runs? We will need to attach a certain document for every build on SharePoint. To keep track of each build & document associated with it, is there a way for Drone to prompt for input where we can put a SharePoint link to the document?

Any kind of plugin that i can use?

Drone does not have any concept of pausing an in-progress pipeline to accept user input. You would need to find a way to automate this task (i.e. use the sharepoint API to generate and upload a document at the end of your pipeline).

Is there another/easier way to attach documents to each build? We just need to attach a document somewhere with each pipeline, it doesn’t have to be on SharePoint.

Ideally, We would want it on SharePoint, but if there’s another/easier way that you know of, thats fine too.

sorry, I am not sure I understand the use case. Can you describe what is meant by “attach a document to a pipeline” and what you are trying to accomplish with this? Generally speaking Drone is just a series of automated tasks (shell scripts, plugins, etc), so anything you can automate with code you can do with Drone. If you need to perform a manual task, however, I am not aware of this being possible with Drone.