Is it safe to upgrade from Drone 1 to Drone 2?

Anything I should be aware of?

It looks like the versions got bumped inside the Docs, so I was thinking of upgrading my instance to follow suit.

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Hello, @hwittenborn !

I’ve upgraded my Drone installation from 0.8 to 1.0 and then to 2.0. All worked fine but one thing: old builds (made in 0.8) were not available in 2.0. If you didn’t upgrade from 0.8 all should be O’K.

UPD: If you need, I can share a script for reenumerating old (0.8) builds to be seen in recent (2.0) versions of Drone.


Are there any breaking changes while upgrading from 1.x to 2.x that you came across?

I didn’t get any issues on my end - all I did was update the image version, and then everything just kept on working like normal.


Worked flawlessly for me as well.

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Just as easy as, changing the tag version in docker-compose.yml file and upgrade with no change and problem.