Is it possible to setup cache with exec runner


I am using exec runner for building my pipeline, and I simply can not set up a cache mechanism for it.
I have seen some caching options by using Docker images, but it is not applicable to exec runners.

Is there any way to implement this?
Thanks in advance


Could you please let us know the use case for setting up caching mechanism for exec runner, as currently we do not have ootb support. Once you confirm so that we can check and update accordingly.

Harness support

We are using ccache for our C++ project, it is extremely important to us because of reducing application build time. We build and run our application on a different distribution of Linux OS, and for any of them caching is an essential thing. It is not problematic on host machine, since ccache is easy to set up.

But when we want to build a pipeline using Exec runner, the problem is that for every build Drone actually deletes all files and generates a totally new directory structure so caching is not applied at all. There is not a way for us to use data from previous builds.