Is it possible to have agnostic docker pipeline?

Is it possible to define platform agnostic pipeline? I have got a pipeline that creates a python wheel package and an apk, so all steps should be platform independent, I am migrating my from mine laptop (amd64/linux) to mine raspberry pi (arm64/linux) and since I’m still trying and verify that all steps can be done, I would like to keep both architecture in pipeline, the only way I found was to define two times same pipeline one with amd64, one with arm64. The problem with this is that if I have only one agent, the part with other architecture stays pending forever, it maybe also useful to have two agents and despite their different architecture they can do different part of pipeline, but like this every pipeline with specific architecture is a separate flow, so no parallelism is possible using 2 agents with 2 different architectures. What do you suggest? Is it possible to define two or more architecture in a single pipeline platform?