Integration Name Recommendations


Integrations of type “artifact” should be named something like “Generic Artifact”.

Integration of type “custom” should be named something like “Public Websites”, “non-PRD Websites”.

  • While you certainly may create different “custom” Integrations to separate different environments (QA, STG, UAT, PRD) it’s not necessary and should only be considered if there is a large volume of “custom” type Targets (more than 100 “custom” Targets total).


If your organization only has one large Docker, Github, Bitbucket, etc. repository that ZeroNorth is connecting to then simply naming your Integration “Docker”, “Github”, “Bitbucket” is sufficient.

However, if your organization has several instances of the Integrations of type Docker, Github, BitBucket, etc. then the name should reflect which group is the owner of the “Repository” type Integrations.

For example, “Docker-Phoenix Team” or “Github-Product X Team”.