Insufficient privileges to use volumes

Hi team i facing issue to create docker image with drone. My drone both containers are up and running fine, and i tested sample file, and it is worked fine but i am unable to create docker images with drone. below is the .drone.yml file which i am using to create docker image.

image: docker
- docker build -t sravan1265/Drone-AWS .
- /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock

Please help me in this. I was stuck in this from last 7 days.

Hi Team,

I have fixed the issue. The issue is in the Drone UI, i have enabled Project settings as a “Trusted”.
Now its working fine


could you please explain where to do in github?

this has to be enabled by a sysadmin in the repository settings in Drone. I think if you search this forum you might be able to find more detailed instructions with screenshots.

I struggled with that, too. You have to make your user an admin. Then you can tick the “Trusted” checkbox in the repository settings in Drone. If you don’t make your user an admin, Drone silently doesn’t save the “Trusted” flag.


the trusted flag should be hidden for non-admins, but there has been a ton of activity in the UI over the past few weeks (this screen was just redone too) and maybe the logic to hide the trusted flag was accidentally removed …

@bradrydzewski for the it event showed up if my user is not an admin. Should I file a bug for that?

sure, at

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