Instance doesn't come up after applying AutoStopping rule

Harness Autostopping Intro

AutoStopping Rules make sure that your non-production resources run only when used, and never when idle. It also allows you to run your workloads on fully orchestrated spot instances without any worry of spot interruptions.

More on AutoStopping can be found here : Review AutoStopping Rules Requirements - Docs

Problem Statement

I have configure the AutoStopping rule for my Instances correctly, but the Instances are now not coming in running state back


With AutoStopping rule we can have fixed schedule for downtime and uptime in this scenario when you configure a fixed schedule with only downtime let’s say for 2hrs and your instance doesn’t come up after the downtime get’s over this is due to the Idleness on instance. After the downtime if the Instance doesn’t have any traffic the instance will remain in downtime instance until there is activity on the instance.

To avoid this it’s always recommended to have Uptime with Downtime. During Downtime window, the resource will be forced to go down regardless of the defined rule. You can choose to specify uptime for your resources in the same way.