Installing Postgres Extension in services

Hi guys!

We’ve been using Drone for a little while now and it’s working great.

However, we just recently added support for Trigram (fuzzy) search in Postgres. We currently test using services for Postgres. My question is simply: How can I install postgres-contrib package when using the postgres image?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I believe the recommended approach is to create your own Postgres image with the extensions installed. The image documentation discusses this briefly and provides some links to example Dockerfiles that you can use as reference.

When using the default (Debian-based) variants, installing additional extensions (such as PostGIS) should be as simple as installing the relevant packages (see for a concrete example).

When using the Alpine variants, any postgres extension not listed in postgres-contrib will need to be compiled in your own image (again, see for a concrete example).

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