Install Harness Kubernetes Delegate on EKS Fargate Cluster

This article walks you through how you can install the Harness Kubernetes Delegate on EKS Fargate Cluster

Configured AWS CLI with user credentials (Configuration basics - AWS Command Line Interface)
kubectl (Installing or updating kubectl - Amazon EKS)
eksctl (Installing or updating eksctl - Amazon EKS)
Required IAM permissions

Step 1 Setup EKS Fargate Cluster

  1. Create EKS Fargate Cluster

    eksctl create cluster --name cluster-name --region region-code --fargate

  2. Create fargate profile with harness-delegate namespace

    eksctl create fargateprofile \
    –cluster cluster-name \
    –name profile-name \
    –namespace harness-delegate \
    –region region-code

For more info you can refer to AWS docs:
Getting started with Amazon EKS – eksctl - Amazon EKS
AWS Fargate profile - Amazon EKS

Step 2 Download and Apply the Delegate YAML

  1. Download the tar file of delegate
  2. Extract the tar file you have downloaded

    tar -zxvf harness-delegate-kubernetes.tar.gz

  3. Navigate to the harness-delegate-kubernetes folder that you extracted

    cd harness-delegate-kubernetes

  4. Apply the harness-delegate.yaml file you just downloaded

    kubectl apply -f harness-delegate.yaml

After following these steps you can able to see your delegate up and running in Harness UI